Project Credits

Jack Fuller is a writer and faculty member of The School of Life, London, where he teaches the class How To Raise Your Ambition.

Writers: Jack Fuller, John Armstrong, Simone Kotva, Chloe Gordon, Arabella Milbank, Tara Isabella Burton, Joanna Staunton, Katherine Rundell.

Founded by Alain de Botton in 2008, The School of Life is a cultural enterprise that aims to foster emotional intelligence through teachings from the humanities (literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, history and art). It is based in a variety of locations around the world, and offers books, products and courses for sale online. For more, see

About ‘Books as Therapy’

This site was put together to accompany a bibliotherapy service offered by The School of Life. We often get the sense that somewhere out there is the perfect book for us and the problem we are facing at the moment – getting older, dealing with love, enduring work, having a good holiday, working out how to build a better society. This project is an exercise in linking up some books with the needs of our souls.

In the ideal culture we would get a personalised list of books which would be optimal for us to meet at just this point in our lives. To find out more about Books as Therapy, and to get your personalised list, click here.